Drawings of Angels Demons

Drawings of angels demons would be incomplete without a depiction of Saint Michael the Archangel subduing and slaying the demon, Satan.

Never having seen him, I have to conjure a mind image.

I have to detect broad patterns.

I have to invent something new by pairing elements.

Fear no art

See the pencil sketch for a traditional interpretation. It is an advanced drawing with a great deal of detail including shading, the impression of inhuman strength, determination and focus.


Original Ironman

Saint Michael is depicted as strong, as if he pumped iron, trained hard, and muscled up at the local gym.

In today's parlance the demon or Satan, might be a hoodlum, gangster, thief, or other serious law-breaker being apprehended by the police.

How to make better artwork

Try this

DRAW WHAT YOU "SEE" NOT remembered symbols.

Print out the image, turn it upside down and then start sketching. This technique allows you to "know nothing about what you're drawing."

The trick is to train and strengthen your core cognitive skills to visualize what you are actually seeing.

The pencil drawing on this page may be challenging at first. Remember to think of the image as simple shapes: circles, ovals, squares, triangles, rectangles, and so forth. Observe those shapes as you work.

You also find sketches drawings of angels here, too.

Flow with the shapes you draw

Encourage your hand to move as one with the pencil. As you do, you will begin to feel the simple shapes as you work. Over time you will get better. Keep practicing. That is what makes you a better artist. And remember, even advanced and professional artists, including myself, practice every day.

What styling

Imagine your standing dwarfed under the looming Carrara marble sculpture of Archangel Michael styled after the Fontaine Saint-Michel in Paris, France. Notice how the pencil sketch on this page pulls inspiration from it as well.

What emotions for Michael

And by the way, here is some more information about Saint Michael the Archangel. In art drawings of angels demons he is shown frequently as the angel-warrior with a heavy sword to represent his strength.

Often he will have a shield bearing the inscription Quis ut Deus? This is a Latin phrase meaning "Who is like God?" Saint Michael scornfully asks it of the dragon or man-like demon, Satan, as he slays him. Alternately, scholars tell us the original meaning of the name Michael itself is One who is like God.

Many depictions suggest Saint Michael is miffed by the arrogance of a one-time angel whose pride came before the fall, thinking to be like God. You may discover similar feelings represented in other drawings of angels demons.

What do you think?

Draw what you think. There is no right answer. Only your answer because you are the artist.

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